Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

You want to play in the airsoft sniper position, right?, Well if this is your idea let me tell you that you can not choose any airsoft gun, even if it is highly recommended to your friends or colleagues. You need the best airsoft sniper rifle.

Well L96 AWP Bolt Action Spring4204.5
Red Fire M700 Gas Powered Action3004
UTG Airsoft Gen 54605
JG Bar-10 366a4504.9
H & K HK SL9 AEG4404.9
Black UTG L96 4655
Airsoft AGM Metal Bolt L96 AWP4304.7

How to choose the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market?

When buying the best airsoft gun, you want accuracy, power and high quality. All of these factors will have a great impact when it comes to using a rifle, Regardless of the purpose for which it will be utilized.

Airsoft sniper rifle is very popular for a variety of different reasons. Let’s take a look at why you want to use an airsoft sniper rifle and what features to consider when selecting one. Then we will show you our reviews of airsoft sniper rifles and tell you which one we think is the best!
What is the best airsoft sniper rifle? Well, first let’s see what the gun types are.

Types of Airsoft sniper rifle.

Like regular airsoft guns, there are three main types of airsoft sniper rifle to choose from. Unlike cannons that are meant to be used in narrower ranges, you will often find the most used barrels are spring action, unlike gas explosion or Automatic Electric Gun (AEG), not to mention those of the CO2 type and High-Pressure Air (HPA).

1. Gas Blowback

Gas exhaust guns are very often manufactured for a good intermission between airsoft AEG spring guns and airsoft rifles. It provides a lot of power but requires more maintenance than a spring gun or AEG airsoft gun including lubrication.

It also tends to be slightly stronger than any of the other types of pistol, which is pleasing to the touch, but in competition, it will become more difficult if you are more concerned with sport than with simulation.

On the other hand, by making use of green gas batteries or other thrusters, gas air rifles, like their pistol counterparts, often feature a blow back action that simulates the recoil of a real steel rifle.

2. Spring Sniper Rifles

Spring airsoft guns are the favorites of many snipers; they are quieter and much cheaper than those of the Gas Blowback airsoft type and very often have a better FPS ratings.

The actions on these rifles are often difficult to work for those who have little knowledge, however, as the spring must be compressed manually.

3. AEG Rifles

Unlike of CO2 airsoft guns, the AEGs are favorites for those who are operating closer distances during the game. They lack the power and accuracy of the other types but compensate with a great increase of fire. Some of them will be able to fully fire on automatic, which means they can cover an area with fire from a safe distance.

They are very useful for small fields, as they may not be able to use a long range pistol while you are in more enclosed rooms. The FPS is lower, but this could work in your favor, in many cases since most fields will not allow you to use powerful airsoft guns in nearby rooms.

Features you should keep in mind when choosing the best airsoft sniper rifle:

Sniper rifles should be at least 400 FPS in the muzzle to be really for this type of task. Anything below and you simply will not get the necessary distance to work as a sniper. Ideally, you want something better than that speed, and keep in mind that as a sniper often used heavier pellets to maintain accuracy over long distances.



You will need some optics to perform your work optimally and efficiently. The best airsoft sniper rifle, including the most expensive, are simply not accurate enough on their own.

Ideally, they will be removable so you can replace with another if you do not like the one that comes from the factory.
If you choose to use aftermarket accessories and have an appropriate lane, almost any reach made to shoot between 150 – 200 yards, will be more than perfect.

Muzzle Velocity

You will also want to see the speed of the mouth. This is the rate that the BB fires from the rifle barrel. The higher the number, the greater the range and accuracy you will have.
BBs have a different shape than traditional bullets. You will have to adjust when pointing. A stronger rifle will be easier to aim at. The most powerful type of rifle will usually be gas.

Tightness of the bore

The hole diameter of the vast majority of airsoft sniper rifles is between 6.09 to 6.05. The Airsoft bb guns sniper rifles is 6mm, so this width allows little space for movement and reduces the possibility of jams. For a sniper rifle, a diameter of 6.03 is recommended, as this will give you better accuracy.

A tight hole is even more likely to get stuck than ‘loosey-goosey’ in standard barrels. So, as a sniper, you must clean the barrel often, as dust and debris can become a nuisance.

The length of the barrel.

A long barrel equals a more precise shot, up to a point. If the barrel is too long, the BB will begin to lose momentum and precision, or specifically, the range is significantly affected.



The jump is a rubber knot that is in contact with the BB as it is shot out of the gun. If the increase raises too much of a turn, the BB will fly too high at the moment of leaving the canyon.

If the turn is very low, the BB will not go to the necessary speed and will not be able to reach its objective.

The Hop-Up in the airsoft sniper rifle is the most accurate, plus it will be adjustable so that you will find an almost perfect setup. It also uses high-end rubber, so it will not break the break and stop working properly.


Distance is the most important factor for a sniper because of the further away he hits his target, the better. The element surprise and the ability to remain hidden increases further away from the goal.

The range is one of the main performance factors to keep in mind when looking for the best airsoft sniper rifle.

An important element in choosing a gun, as we have already mentioned, is the Fps. Of course, many factors affect the FPS, such as BB weight, barrel length, and hole diameter.

Most snipers will make improvements to their rifle, so it is appropriate to obtain an easily maneuverable rifle.

Often the improved items in the best airsoft sniper rifle are the cylinder, piston, exhaust, bolt, hop-up, barrel spacers and bucking.

Airsoft Rifle Scope UTG Gen 5 Master Sniper

This full-size pellet gun with bolt action has a speed of 460 feet per second, BB speed charger and non-slip grip.

• 6mm gauge
• Enhanced Security
• Non-slip grip with UTG Sling
• BB speed charger
• Integrated front and top rail

• The scope must be purchased separately
• The rifle must be assembled

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Airsoft AGM Metal Bolt L96 AWP Sniper Rifle

This type of bolt-action airsoft rifle has a high fire rating, wide range, and absolute accuracy. With a weight of 8 pounds, this airsoft sniper rifle is reliable but also portable, perfect for running and climbing in outdoor environments.

• Portable and lightweight
• Adjustable Hop-up
• Cheek pad and butt stock

• No scope
• Does not include spare magazine

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Black UTG L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The UTG is a compressed air rifle with spring action that can be upgraded, at an affordable price. Updates and parts are inexpensive and easy to get.

An adjustable full metal accessory that is foldable to play in enclosed rooms. It comes equipped with a precision one-piece metal barrel.

• 465 FPS, 0.2 grams BB
• Most of the components are metal
• 3-9 × 40 Scope included.
• It needs updates to get the most out of it, but it still works like a standard gun.


Accurate and Efficient, at an affordable price. It is one of the best airsoft sniper rifles on the market.

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JG Bar-10 366a Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The JG Bar 10 a classic in the world of beginner sniper rifles. This activated spring bolt action airsoft rifle is ideal for upgrading and has several awesome features right out of the box.

This weapon has an included scope, and rails. The stock is a polymer, and the barrel and internal are made of metal. This is a less expensive clone weapon for the Tokyo Marui, which has many updates and customization parts available.


A very cheap platform with an exceptionally high-quality reach, great candidate for the improvement that most snipers end up doing to their weapons. The best airsoft sniper rifle to upgrade.

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Well L96 AWP Bolt Action Spring  Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun

The WELL L96 is ‘well’ known in the airsoft sniper community. This modern sniper rifle has a well-placed magazine.
I make a great sniper rifle for beginners because it has a fair price and very upgradeable.
This is a spring loaded bolt action rifle. It has a very soft trigger, easy to pull.


  • Charger 30 mag round and bb included.
  • Adjustable bridge on the side.
  • Adjustable cheek welding and stock.
  • Includes a top rail.
  • 420 FPS.


  • Scope and bipod not included.


This is an excellent sniper rifle for beginners that is fast and upgradeable. The best airsoft sniper rifle.

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AccuShot is a great rifle for those looking to take on the role of a sniper. It may even be better; It may even be better, It may even be better, it comes with a tactical bipod and a couple of magazines, which can be a great help when you’re in the heat of action.

The only thing you should keep in mind is the fact that you will have to find your reach for it, but many snipers will end up preferring aftermarket optics anyway. The picaninny lane means you can use almost any scope you can care about, including those aimed at real rifles if you want to drop the extra money.

With a speed of around 450FPS, you are sure to be able to get a considerable distance with this rifle. The effective range is over 200 feet, so you will not have to worry about getting short in most fields.

The rifle it was based on was intended for cold weather warfare, so it has a couple of features that give it a distinctive look, including a large bolt that was meant to be used by the gloved hands with great ease. This means that your protective equipment should not interfere with the action, even if you choose to use unusually thick gloves.

Magazines are plentiful, easy to load and have spring help when it comes time to change them. This means that it will return to action quickly when the first magazine stays dry, and since it has three, it might even be able to make a full match without having to reload manually.

In general, this rifle is a great value; the only drawback is that you are going to have to find your scope to use it in the field.

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This HK SL9 is an excellent choice if you are planning to participate in shorter distances. With a speed of 430-440fps, it is a serious power and is capable of automatic fire that will allow you to cover an area with fire, maintaining a safe distance.

The gun does not come with anything, without battery, reach, or bipod. This for some might be an inconvenience, but more expert players will certainly see the opportunity to fit everything they love into a sniper rifle.

The internal barrel runs the entire length of the outer barrel, ensuring accuracy as well as having plenty of power behind each shot. In automatic, from the right position, you will cause an absolute terror in the field. Keep in mind the fact that it is a blowback weapon; you can take some of the fun when you realize that it will also generate a decent amount of noise.

Take this one out if you are often playing in shorter fields and you may have found exactly what you are looking for. The pistol itself is lightweight, allowing you to make fire bursts and change positions in the middle to add an extra element of surprise.

As a dedicated sniper rifle in unusually large areas might be insufficient, but it is an excellent choice for those close to skirmishes where their maximum range will be about one hundred fifty feet.

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Red Fire M700 Gas Powered Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle

This all metal gas sniper rifle has a wooden stock in contrast to other rifles made of plastic. It is based on the M700 hunting rifle of the 60s. Because it is a gas gun, it has a semi-automatic fire.


  • 300 FPS.
  • 10 round mag.
  • The metal barrel in one piece.


  • The scope is not included, they are not gas cartridges.
  • This is a gas gun, so you need gas cartridges.


 The wood rifle is sure to stand out in a crowd. This rifle is rated among the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market.

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This concludes our reviews of the best airsoft sniper rifle. We hope you can “reach” the best sniper rifle for your airsoft game.