Best Airsoft Gun Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best airsoft gun

To get you started on Airsoft, the first thing you need to do is buy your first weapon. As you might not have much experience to know what airsoft gun to buy to start playing, we have made a little guide for you.

Unlike paintball guns, they are easy to choose, thanks to their big difference, such as the use of large hopper to hold paintballs and their large air tank.

When you are in front of an Airsoft gun, it is very different. Airsoft guns are a replica of the actual weapon. They are identical in size and shape.
Airsoft guns come in large varieties that include rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, etc.

Here at Pickmysniperrifle, we have made 10 reviews of the best airsoft guns on the market, which will give you a wider view so that you can choose the most suitable for you when it comes to being on the field.


An Airsoft Gun is a replica of any firearm, this, in turn, fires a spherical plastic projectile at speeds ranging from 200ft/s to 600ft/s.

As we have already mentioned, airsoft guns are usually the same as real ones, thanks to that, many manufacturers are authorized to produce this type of guns with the same weight, aesthetic and dimensions as the real ones.

There are several types of weapons, and there is something to satisfy everyone at the end of the day.


If you are starting, you will surely have many questions. The vast majority of us have grown up firing pellet guns or BB guns. Airsoft guns are a kind of fusion of these two.


To keep it sharp and do not regret entering this sport before you try it, yes, high-end airsoft guns do damage. But, luckily they are not permanent and leave no marks.
Airsoft guns, as we said, use small plastic BBS and fire in quick succession.
Because, in some cases, they can break the skin if you do not have some protection.
A paintball type mask can do the work necessary to protect you during action on the battlefield.


There are several types of machines used to achieve a good final result and the preference between them is a personal measure.

The most commonly used weapons in the field are automatic electric guns or AEGs. These, in particular, use a gearbox system to fire pellets with a single pull of the trigger repeatedly.

Others are select-fire, with several options, including single shot, three rounds of an explosion, and full auto to allow for a greater variety of tactical options during the game.

The other mechanism is based on controlled release of gas to propel the pellet. Gas guns often have a blowback mechanism, making the visual shot look pretty much like firing a real pistol.

There are also spring-loaded weapons, but these are more commonly used in the less regular game because of their relatively cheap cost, lower speed, and the fact that they are invariably shot single and require you to do some manual action between a certain amount of shots.

Some of the best airsoft guns can shoot 500-1000 rounds per minute. I know you’re now asking yourself, “What’s the best airsoft gun?”

If you are just starting out, the small lists that I show you next to the best high-end weapons will help you in your choice.

Best Airsoft Gun Reviews.

H & K G36C Competition Airsoft Blk Review

best airsoft gun

The Heckler & Koch G36 is a rifle designed by Heckler & Koch made in 5.56mm caliber. It was developed in the nineties and was created to replace the HK G3, rifle that looked very much like the Spanish CETME. The G3 had been the Bundeswehr’s rifle since the 1950s, and, forty years later, it was in desperate need of a renovation.

Instead of starting all the development from a zero design and looking for a whole new design, the engineers of the house Heckler & Koch created a prototype that inside the company was denominated like HK50 (project 50). The one that later. Once it was accepted into the military market, the Bundeswehr named it as G36.

So for the G36, at the design level were taken features of previous rifles such as HK 36, HK VP70 and HK G11. The firing system is almost a tracing of the AR-18, using an automatic recharge system with gas piston and Johnson / Stoner rotary bolt.

Also, the modification was made to use a piston with rings similar to the M16 rifle and only a guide rod.

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M160-A2 M14 Airsoft Rifle Review

The M160-A2 M14 airsoft rifle is first used in the Vietnam War. The US soldiers are the first users of this rifle. It was best at that time. Even today the US troops are now using overseas and at home with great efficiency. The M160-A2 M14 airsoft rifle is popular because it has a long barrel, and it also shot at pin point accuracy even at low velocity.

Moreover, this rifle can be shot from a longer distance. It has a lockable safety. Actually. It is the advance version of the M1 rifle. The features and functions are exactly same as the CYMA AK-47 airsoft rifle.

Moreover, this rifle can be shot from a longer distance. It has a lockable safety. Actually. It is the advance version of the M1 rifle. The features and functions are exactly same as the CYMA AK-47 airsoft rifle.

It will give you the continuous firing shot without any trouble. Therefore, you will enjoy the thrill of the M1 operations. The M160-A2 M14 airsoft rifle is one of the best airsoft rifles in the world today in this segment.

The M14 rifles have automatic and semi-automatic firing modes. The M14 rifles have a full metal body with a polymer stock. These modes are seen in most of the current rifles in the world today. The high-capacity metal magazine makes these rifles popular among all the ages.

The M14 rifles have a full metal body with a polymer stock. These modes are seen in most of the popular rifles in the world today. The high-capacity metal magazine makes these rifles favorite among all the ages.

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CYMA CM028 AK-47 Airsoft Rifle Review

Airsoft is a game where the participants take part to shoot the round non-metallic pellets through a replica firearm. There are so many airsoft rifles’ makers today in the world. However, the Chinese-born, CYMA made airsoft rifles popular around the world. Because the rifles are cheaper and work like real AK47. The features of CYMA AK47 rifles have a tremendous impact on the airsoft community.

The cheaper CYMA bodies are possible due to the use of the plastic material. The finishing look of this rifle is same as the real one. Therefore, you may think that you are using the real AK47 rifle, and it has the same feeling of uses as compared to the real AK47. The high-torque motor of this rifle is outstanding in quality.

It will give you the continuous firing shot without any trouble.  Therefore, you will enjoy the thrill of the AK47 operations. The CYMA AK47 is one of the best airsoft rifles in the world today in this segment. The CYMA rifles have automatic and semi-automatic firing modes. These modes

These styles are seen in most of the popular rifles in the world today. The high-capacity metal magazine makes these rifles favorite among all the ages. Because this AK47 rifle is one of the best airsoft rifles which can hold the large number of pellets, which is very much handy for any shooter.

Another reason is that if the magazine is a low capacity, then it will be complicated for the shooter to stop the shooting spree in the middle. Therefore, if the magazine has a big capacity, then the shooter can enjoy their shooting ability without any fear of having the pellet short.

The adjustable sight of this rifle is unique as compared to the other competitors. Because nobody has a perfect vision of this world so that, it is necessary to adjust the eyesight according to his or her need. When you are fixing your target through the viewfinder then you will need a sharp focus so if you do not fix your aim, then you will miss it.

In this case, the CYMA AK47 works like a charm. The reasons for which the CYMA AK47 popularity rises due to the shooting speed at over 400 feet per second. As we know that airsoft used for the recreational purpose. So that the hobbyists practice their shooting skill through this rifle as they try to keep them fit and happy.

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Double Eagle M85 Airsoft Rifle Review

The Double Eagle M85 Rifle is something that can heighten up your competitive spirit.  When you want to have an airsoft gun that can offer you more fun than you could expect to make sure that you choose wisely.

However, when choosing the right ammunition, you need to consider three choices including electric, gas, or spring. Whatever you prefer, you will surely have a challenging war game with your rifle. The ideal gun is something that can comfortably fit the way you play. If you want a gun that can understand you better, you should get to know the Double Eagle M85 Rifle.

A replica of the G36, the M85 is the closest thing you can have to the real thing. This rifle does well especially if you know how to handle it. Airsoft electric guns or AEG usually come at a price given its incredible power, but as for this M85, you can already have great fun by spending lesser.

It is so rare to buy an AEG that is of top quality and comes with a low price. The Double Eagle M85 Rifle is one of the few rifles out there that fits this description.

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M83 Double Eagle Assault Rifle

The M83 Double Eagle Rifle is perfect for the gun enthusiast. Impress your friends and family by showing off your airsoft gun that looks incredibly real. The only way that individuals can tell the difference between the M83 Double Eagle airsoft rifle and the real deal is the orange tip and the pellets that the airsoft rifle uses.

The goal of any airsoft gun is to be identical to its traditional counterpart. The M83 Double Eagle airsoft has certainly accomplished that goal. The gun is the same size, color, and style as a classic M83 rifle. These are great to use while training because they are identical in every way aside from the much safer pellet that they fire.

The scope on the top of the M83 Double Eagle airsoft rifle is perfect for a variety of uses. Not only does it help give the gun the authentic feel that is required of any airsoft rifle, but it also improves long distance vision.

If training with this M83 Double Eagle airsoft you will appreciate the ability to see long distances. The manufacturer did not skimp on any detail with this fantastic airsoft rifle.

Some airsoft rifles require you to utilize a particular battery, which when drained must be replaced. This gun is unique in the fact that it allows you just to recharge the battery.

This means less waste and less expense over time. There is no need to hunt around trying to find the right battery. Just plug it up and recharge. When it has completed the recharge, you can once again enjoy your M83 Double Eagle airsoft rifle.

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HK416 Delta Custom Review

The HK 416 Delta Custom from Tokyo Marui is one of the new Next Gen models that incorporate recoil (Recoil). Made of metal and ABS, this replica has automatic stop system when it detects that it runs out of ammunition, thus providing an extra realism.

It has a cylinder head with several adjustment positions to be able to adapt to all kinds of situations. The battery is housed in the cylinder head with a particular system designed by Tokyo Marui. It is undoubtedly one of the most wanted news for all players.

We are amazed at this replica, the finish is a real pass, and is that Marui has taken care of every last detail, incredible Recoil! But the amazing thing is its performance!


  • Full Metal Gear Box
  • Body made of anodized aluminum
  • Cylinder made of aluminum
  • Aluminum piston head
  • Aluminum spring guide
  • Steel hose and sight
  • Hop Up Metal Camera
  • 8mm metal bearings
  • Weight: 3546 g
  • Length: 680/765 mm
  • Battery type: Mini
  • Fps: 330
  • Engine: Ultra High Torque Long Shaft
  • 300-shot metal charger

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Tokyo Marui VSR-10 sniper rifle Review

The Tokyo Marui VSR-10 sniper rifle is a bolt airsoft gun. This sniper is very light, very soft loading and high accuracy as standard. The series power is around 300 FPS.


The Tokyo Marui VSR-10 is made of metal and plastic. The barrel, receiver, and bolt are metallic, while the charger and sniper body are made of plastic. The gun weighs only 1,923 grams, which makes it a light weapon.

The outer cannon of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 pro sniper is made of metal and is shaped like a cigarette, narrowing as it approaches the tip. The receiver, also metallic, has no track rail, so it has to be purchased separately.

Plastic loader with capacity for 30 bbs, is housed inside the body. Above the loader, a little more ahead, just in the separation between the body and the external barrel is the level of adjustment of the system of hop up, a small bar very concealed.


The Tokyo Marui VSR-10 pro sniper rifle uses accurate cutting guns, with a length of 430 mm. The hop up gums is also particular. The Tokyo Marui hop-up camera has stopped on the adjustment stroke for easy adjustment.

This standard airsoft gun gives around 300 FPS, a very little power for a sniper rifle. But we will not have problems to improve it and to increase it to power, since this sniper is the one that has available a greater catalog of spare parts and upgrade of the market, being able to find all the pieces in several marks.

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MK43 AEG Metal Gear Full Metal Body Review

This replica is made of high-quality metal and polymer and is endowed with a high-quality finish. The barrel, bipod assembly, and body are made of aluminum. The carry handle, the adjustable bipod, the rear sight and the shoulders rest with

The carry handle, the adjustable bipod, the rear sight and the shoulders rest with the hinge of the cylinder head are made of steel. The cylinder head, the hand guard, and the front handle are made of high-quality polymer.

It is possible to dismount the barrel, as in the real weapon quickly. To adjust the hop up you only have to open the top cover, although you can also take advantage and when you change the barrel, adjust it.

All the internal mechanisms have been modified and designed expressly starting from a gearbox of MINIMI with bearings of 8mm, MOSFET, and potentiometer hidden in the tube of gases that regulates the rate of fire.

– Pier M120
– Chrome cylinder bore-up
– Reinforced cylinder head
– Silent piston reinforced with bearings
– High torque motor (High Torque)
– 8mm bearings
– Enhanced spring metal guide with bearings
– Low resistance gearbox wiring

The carrying handle is decorative and should not be used since it could give way and cause damage by falling on the replica.

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Starting from the above, you have to keep in mind another set of appreciations or parameters that can help you find the best airsoft gun to start with as they are:

Durability: The market for airsoft replicas is invaded by Chinese products. But this does not mean that they are not good but that we have to choose with caution to choose a weapon with which we can monetize our investment.

Nevertheless, experts of this sport advise that they are replicas Taiwanese or Hongkongers. But if you are going to use the weapon very little, will be enough with some Chinese repréplica list that costs between 100 and 500 euros. We already have some of the most important information to know well which is the best airsoft gun.

The model: It is important to know how to choose the model that can directly affect quality. The airsoft gun models that experts recommend are:

  • M4,
  • G36
  • AK.

Especially they are very flexible models and easy to arrange since they have spare parts in any store of airsoft.



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