Best Airsoft Pistol 2017: The Definitive Guide

Best Airsoft pistol

Welcome to another indispensable guide on how to select the best airsoft pistol on the market.

This guide is to at those who want to start, for the one who takes little time, and also for the veteran who will give me reason to many things and may not agree with others from his own experience, although I will try to be as rigorous and neutral as possible So that I will not be Lapid. Oh, and by the way, this guide is “almost” definitive because it is open to including any interesting contribution that you want to leave in the comments. Here we go.

Airsoft pistol

Important Note: You should not forget that this guide is only a recommendation based on personal experience and that you are always free to acquire the pistol you most want and learn for yourself which is your most recommended model.

Today we will not talk about regulations for the possession and use of Ludo-Sports Weapons because for that we have dedicated other articles. I recommend you check them out. What is going mainly this section is to hit when selecting the best airsoft pistol.

The first thing you should ask is “what do you want the gun for. It can be a silly question because it is almost always to hit shots and have fun with it. But as far as the game, hobby, and hobby, we have to be very clear about what we want to use it. There are several possibilities:

What is it intended for?

1) Police or military training

If this is your case, it means that you are a member of the State Security Corps, your municipality, or a member of the Ministry of Defense, or perhaps a private professional (security, escort or military contractor).

It is clear that you perfectly control the firearms, but you need advice on these pneumatic system guns to train with them. Many of you visit us often in our warehouse because you are looking for the best airsoft pistol that is as close as possible to your usual firearm.

2) War Games: Direct Action

In these types of games, which are usually played in urban facilities for payment, and rustic small private land, guns are used as secondary, in some primary cases, since these types of games do not have as a requirement to carry much equipment Above , And in addition it can be played almost always in short range.
For this type of games can be worth almost all types of gun, but we think the most recommended is the electric gun, having the convenience for the poor need for maintenance and the use of the battery, a little less power (which Makes it optimal For CQB) and a quick hop-up setting.

3) War Games: Military Simulation

In MIL-SIM games the guns play a secondary role, but at the same time very important. In a game mil-sim each player must carry a team as realistic as possible and evaluate well the weight that is carried on, because the higher weight charged, the more energy wear, and we do not want to diminish our performance when many hours are left ahead, especially when you are not A professional soldier, trained for that level of physical activity.

If we are going to spend several hours isolated by the field or as a mountain patrol, away from our nearest detachment, a gun can be very useful, especially if we need to hide and surprise or defend us at close range.

But if we are a patrol near a detachment, base or vehicle we can dispense with this piece of equipment. Now, if we carry a gun, this should be the best airsoft pistol possible.

Although the electric ones are gaining a position for their reliability and increasing quantity of accessories, I prefer a good gas or dual gas / CO2 pistol with maintenance and pre-departure testing in a clean environment to make sure it works to perfection.

It must be checked that the charger is completely watertight so that it is not empty when it is needed.

I mainly carry light guns like the KSC Glock26C sub compact or KSC USP 45, but a KJ Works Colt 1911 or Beretta 92FS (both dual system) are also more than recommended.

In general, any high or medium range pistol may be advisable, but remember to test them thoroughly and have them checked before putting them to a mil-sim.

4) Precision shot: leisure

If this is your case, you’ll be worth almost any airsoft pistol. Both to shoot a can on your plot (with appropriate security measures and enough distance to the public road) and to have it at home and play with it downloaded while loading the next level of Battlefield or Call of Duty.
You can pass from this classification and choose pistol according to its operation and based solely on your tastes.

 5) Precision shooting: competition

If this is your case, it means that you want to practice Airsoft IPSC or another mode of competition with it. So you need a gas or CO2 gun of the best possible brand, preferably single action, with or without blow back (it is very rare that a gas or CO2 gun is simple action and has no blowback).

This pistol will be little exposed to dirt and mistreatment, but should still be delicately cared for, cleaned and lubricated, and should receive only high-quality heavy ammunition, and provided that it is in closed private facilities non-biodegradable ammunition.

The best airsoft pistol for this is the Hi-layer type, which is very stable but require a lot of firmness in the hands since the sliding of the slider is quite strong (eye, not recoil). If this requirement is not met, light guns, such as the Glock of any high-end brand (KJ Works, KSC / KWA, Tokyo Marui, etc.) are also very valid.

Double action gas guns are not suitable because the effort to tighten the trigger and raise the hammer greatly diminishes our accuracy. Electric guns are a rare option in this area as they have less exit speed and can not carry heavy ammunition, but at short range with light ammunition (0.20gr) and a bit of preparation can be quite accurate.

6) Collecting, Exhibition, Props or Recreation

If this is your case, you are worth almost any type of airsoft gun. Even if it is broken. But the more realistic it is visual, the better. If you only want to expose it does not have or why have moving parts.

If you only want to collect your best option are spring guns being economical and have a variety of types, realism, qualities, and brands.

If you need props to make movies, you should consult your special effects specialist to know what you need the gun to do, and ask us to indicate the most appropriate to your needs.

In the case of historical recreation, it may be necessary for the gun to make some sound or movement, but there is no reason to fire projectiles so that any gas or CO2 gun with small reversible modifications can be used to function properly without ammunition.

7) Ostentation, deterrence, jokes, etc.

If this is your case, we remind you that before any intervention of the citizen security forces they will carry bullets, and your plastic balls, only they will not know at first sight.

Let’s be serious. Avoid a fight, and so do they. Also, if by chance or bad luck you threaten with an expert eye, you are sure the victim of a somewhat violent disarmed.

In conclusion, I suggest you give up on any unfortunate idea of this kind. We must act responsibly and have respect for weapons, even if they are only playful.

How much to spend on the best airsoft pistol?

best airsoft gun

The second thing you must ask yourself is that, to know what is within your reach. Although particularly I would recommend that in any case opt for a gun of the best brand and quality possible, but of course obviously not everyone can and is willing to spend about $ 180 on the best airsoft pistol. But as an approximate guide, assuming you want it for the game, you can use this progression:

Best Airsoft Gun Under 100

  • Spring gun. Without exceptions. I still eye when selecting.
  • Mid-range spring gun Tokyo Marui or look carefully for a model of gas or CO2 that is of excellent reliability for that price. If it is not of a known brand, do not expect any precision in the shot, nor realism, nor durability of the materials.
  • Tokyo Marui high-end spring gun. Cyma Electric Gun, Double Eagle, or some specific gas models from G & G, KJ Works, KWC, or intermediate brands from Taiwan or Hong Kong.
  • Cyma Electric Gun, Double Eagle, some specific gas models from KJ Works, G & G, KWC, or intermediate brands from Taiwan or Hong Kong, and some Chinese gas or CO2 models such as KS, Army or Bell / Tercel.

Best Airsoft Pistol Under 200

  • The fan is enlarged. For this price, you can opt for many models of mid-range brands, even if they are not Full Metal models.
  • The best GBB models of intermediate brands, such as dual-system KJ Works and other Taiwan brands. Many full-range mid-range models.
  • From this figure the range of brands and models to which it is advisable to choose is much wider. In fact, it is quite rare to find bad pistols for that price.
  • Socom Gear (Madbull), KSC (not to be confused with KS), KWA (not to be confused with KWC), Tokyo Marui electric (not stationary), MK23 Tokyo Marui, GBB and CO2 GBB models of other brands of medium / High range like KJ Works, WE, Stark Arms, G & G, Umarex and ASG.

What types of Airsoft pistols are there?

Best Pistol Airsoft


This question is also important to do, because you may not know everything that is available in this sector. You may have an idea about a gun, but for you, it is more appropriate another type that you did not know. You also have to know what they are most suitable for.

Spring guns

Spring guns


They originated in this world. They may be more than 25 years old. Since they invented them in Japan, everything has been an ascending engineering career for the most realistic (gas / CO2) or most versatile (AEPs) possible operation.

Spring guns are many types and qualities. The best ones are very similar in appearance to the firearm they replicate but cost about 50-60.

The spring guns are suitable for collecting, exhibition, film props, and I remember with great affection the games that were played only by spring pistol, in which the kills had to be won. Suitable for leisure shooting, collecting and some games of direct action. Any game in general if we know how to compensate the technical disadvantage with our ability.


  • Price.
  • Simplicity.
  • They did not break down.


  • They are repetitive (not to be confused with semi automatic, automatic or burst). Each time you shoot, you must pull the slide to prepare the next shot.

Power Guns

Also called AEP (Airsoft Electric Pistol). They are the best airsoft pistol and the most versatile, bringing together features that other types of a pistol is difficult to find. Almost all AEPs have a selector switch to shoot automatically.

They are very easy to maintain and use. And its power does not depend on any gas, nor on the ambient temperature. They always have the same output speed, which for use in CQB is very appropriate.

This type of pistols is very versatile for both short and mil-sim games if we do not like having to dismantle our high school frequently for maintenance.

It could also be used for the precision shot (not having to slide the slider) although it is a bit short of power. And maybe for training, it will also work, although nothing comes close to the sensation transmitted by a firearm.

  • Battery Guns

Although there are some high-end brands like Marui, the batteries are not recommended, except for collecting, being very rare and have spares availability components.


  • The comfort of preparation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Poor maintenance.
  • Access to a large number of compatible accessories and spare parts.
  • Suitable power for CQB.
  • Shot selector.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • A Little realism in operation and materials.
  • Low power for long distance use.

CO2 Guns with Blowback

These guns do not usually have much difference in themselves with the GBB. Just that your charger, requires a small bottle of CO2 of 12 grams. These bottles have been very popular for decades because they are also used a lot with 4.5 gauge air rifles.

By having this system, the firing becomes quite uniform, since it is less prone to be affected by the temperature, humidity, quantity of gas left in the bottle, quality of this, etc. Although it is true that with extreme cold CO2 may not work well.

The bad thing about these guns is that the 12 gram bottle must be thoroughly rinsed before removing it, since if we remove it while there is still CO2, the gas outlet will cause freezing in the intake joint, and doing it repeatedly will cause deformation and Deterioration in the joints, which are affected by both the temperature and the humidity caused by freezing.

  • GBB / CO2 Dual System Guns

Some modern models, for example, those of KJ Works, which accept gas chargers and CO2 chargers, although the structure of the gun is primarily that of a GBB.

They usually bring a gas charger, but CO2 chargers are sold separately. These guns enjoy the advantages of both systems.


  • Power.
  • Stability from the first shot to the last.
  • The operation is not influenced by temperature or other external agents.
  • Lots of shots per bottle.


  • Usually expensive.
  • There are few models with blowback.
  • Uncomfortable CO2 bottles.
  • Gaskets are difficult to repair.

Gas / CO2 guns without Blowback

These two types of the pistol can be included in the same category since the only differences are indicated in the two previous categories.

These guns are before GBB, so their trigger system is double action. That is to say, that by pressing the trigger itself we transmit to this the force to raise the hammer, that in a certain point of the route will be released, producing the percussion of the valve of the exit of the loader. The slider does not intervene at all.

This is why they are often more uncomfortable to use and less realistic, but equally suitable for the free throw and direct action games. Of course also for collecting.

They can be used in mil-sim to personal taste since they are less prone to breakdowns. Almost all brands have had some in their catalog, and some variants hold the CO2 bottle in the grip, reducing space to the chargers, which are smaller than the real ones.

One thing to keep in mind before buying one of these guns is that by not moving the slider all the force of the gas is used in the momentum of the ball, so it is normal for them to go past. Get informed before you buy.


  • Durability.
  • Very difficult to break internal mechanisms, except for mistreatment.


  • Usually passed power.
  • Much more complicated to disassemble.
  • Trigger usually harder, which makes them more inaccurate.
  • Chargers, spare parts, and accessories harder to get.

Gas / CO2 Revolvers

There is less variety bi-state than semi automatic and operation is simpler, but almost all, even those of the best brands, usually present sealing problems in the long run.

This is probably because the tank is usually inside the gun. The operation is realistic, since in almost all the models of the market (except the cheap ones) the drum is 100% functional, something that although it gives realism, is also cause problems in some models.

Let’s be clear: a revolver is a rudimentary weapon made of steel. The airsoft ones are not only more complex, but they are also manufactured as much in plastics and advanced alloys that can make surfer active wear and deformation.

There are full metal and plastic models, with removable sheaths and without pods. If the model loads pods there are fundamental chargers for a quick recharge. But after all, back to the same, a revolver is a revolver.

It is a modern version of an old double action hammer gun, and therefore with the same technical advantage as a semi-automatic gas / CO2 gun without blowback, and with the trigger if it is harder since the force exerted on the Trigger not only must raise the hammer but also turn the drum.

Therefore, it makes little sense to carry a revolver for training, for a mil-sim (unless justified by the dash) or for precision shooting. These “irons” are best suited for collecting, film, pachanga and home decor.


  • Attractive visual.
  • You’ll be the coolest guy at the event.


  • Sealing problems in the long run.
  • Smaller ammunition capacity.

The Best Airsoft Pistol Brand.

best airsoft brands

Here I give you some general lines and my real opinion on the various manufacturers of airsoft guns. I think veterans who have tried several guns will agree with me. Also, if they were not, please add a comment at the end.

Important Note: comments about each manufacturer and their ratings are referred to the guns they manufacture, not other types of replicas of their catalog. There may be manufacturers (that there are), who make very good AEG but mediocre GBB, and vice versa.

Another important note: Scores on quality, price, compatibility and availability of spare parts are general lines of the brand in recent years and do not refer to specific models.

Many brands change their ranges by more modern systems or that take new models, change their compatibilities, etc., with the aim of improving their quality.


Armin airsoft pistol

Chinese manufacturer that imitates models, of Tokyo Marui and KJ Works. It has some pretty good models about price and others that are not so much. Good quality materials generally, and full metal manufacturing at a low price.

– Overall quality 75%
– Very affordable prices
– Compatibility Marui
– High availability of parts (cutting)


European supplier that sells all kinds of replicas, always showing its blue and white logo. He has good and bad gas guns. The scale of qualities usually agrees with their prices.

– General quality 80%
– Own / diverse compatibility
– Poor parts availability



Chinese manufacturer of excellent value for money in AEGs and AEPs. Their electric pistols are cloned (almost perfectly) from the Tokyo Marui, costing only a third of its price. Moreover, its operation without being as precise and careful as the Marui is more than acceptable. Pretty good performance.

– General quality 80%
– Very Affordable Prices
– Compatibility Marui
– High availability of parts (cutting)


Minor Chinese manufacturer of electric guns. Very similar to Cyma. It manufactures less number of models (Beretta 92 and USP 45), but with the same benefits.

– Quality 80%
– Very Affordable Prices
– Compatibility Marui
– High availability of parts (cutting)

G & G

AEG quality Taiwanese manufacturer of gas and CO2 guns. It usually manufacturers very positive models, but of course, the final quality depends on its price. The more economical models leave a little to be desired compared to most of their products, although their reliability is high.

General quality 80%
Compatibility Marui
Medium availability of parts



Chinese manufacturer of mid-range quite veteran in the gas pistols. Their specialty was to clone the Marui and KJ until they began to produce their designs. At first, it was not very recommendable, but over time it has improved a lot. Benefits more than acceptable for its price.

– General quality 80%
– Affordable prices
– Compatibility Marui
– Medium availability of parts



A Taiwanese manufacturer originally of mid range but that has been ascending in the range of quality and popularity until today it has a prominent place between the marks more advisable. Great value for the price.

– General quality 90%
– Moderate prices
– Compatibility KJ / Marui
– Medium availability of parts


The Japanese manufacturer, and one of the best and most innovative brands of gas guns. They are usually expensive, but they are highly recommended. KWA is the same brand but for sale in the American continent. Although it is a Japanese brand, it manufactures both high-quality metal and thermoplastic.

– General quality 90%
– KSC Compatibility
– Medium availability of parts



Veteran Taiwanese manufacturer of gas and CO2 guns. Another mid-range brand in the style of KS and HFC, which began cloning large brands and ended up producing their products. Although it has looser models, it also makes some quality pistols.

– General quality 80%
– KSC Compatibility
– Medium availability of parts



One of the big brands of Airsoft, Madbull, of American origin, has created the brand Socom Gear to collect the rights to a lot of American manufacturers of parts of firearms, such as Daniel Defense, Noveske, etc. They are usually of high quality and a little expensive.

– Overall quality 85%
– Compatibility Marui
– Medium availability of parts



Japanese manufacturer almost as old as Tokyo Marui, little known, but that at the time launched some unique models that continue today to the sale, like the gun of boot Derringer.
General quality 80%
– Own compatibility
– Medium availability of parts



The Japanese manufacturer is well known for its spring rifles and gas guns. More than acceptable quality and reasonable prices to be imported from Japan. I remember with particular itching some of its models of gas without blowback to 400FPS.


Chinese manufacturer of economy range. Their range in plastic is economic, and they usually turn out quite well. There are usually many cutting parts for this brand, both metallic and plastic.

– Variable quality according to series and models
– Compatibility Marui
– High availability of parts (cutting)

SRC (Star Rainbow Company)

Veteran Taiwanese manufacturer. Very acceptable quality and moderate prices. As in other brands, there are also economic models that do not have the same level of quality, of course.

– General quality 80%
– Own compatibility
– Medium availability of parts (cutting?)


best airsoft pistol Stark arms co2 tan

A Very modern brand that has specialized in manufacturing Glocks. Unfortunately I can not give you much information about it, but as far as I know, their weapons are quality and their prices relatively high.


best airsoft gun tokyo marui hi capa 51 gold match gbb

Pioneer brand and quality, known by all. Excellent spring guns, which are by far the most realistic of their kind, made of high-quality plastic, and last a lifetime.

Good and very precise gas guns, although they are not exempt of gas leaks in the long run, as happens to all of them. Plastic revolvers without sheaths, but with a perfect finish.

Finely tuned electric guns, though unfortunately copied by Cyma to a third of the price of Marui.

In general, a brand more than recommendable, but like everything in this world are not exempt of failures. Prices are usually quite high, although they are always worth it.

– Overall quality 95%
– Compatibility Marui
– High availability of parts



Importer and European manufacturer that has the licenses of several German brands, like Heckler & Kock and Walther.

It is a relatively expensive brand but being honest, it is more expensive models are excellent, and their models cheaper are mediocre, but with a perfect presentation.

– General quality 80%
– Own compatibility
– Medium availability of parts


WE (WE Tech)

Beautiful veteran Taiwanese with average / high quality and not too high prices. Unfortunately, it has been one of the first to be copied in China, and in many cases, it is impossible to distinguish the original from the copy, which has also been of relatively good quality.

Even prices have been very similar, so for a while, it has only been possible to distinguish them by the box they brought. This probably has happened to you because you made it in China.

– General quality 80%
– Own compatibility
– Medium availability of parts



As a Chinese manufacturer of snipers is quite good in its way to copy to Marui, at first bad but over time refining their models to make them reliable and in the long run quite popular, already counting on many upgrades and pieces in the market. Always, of course, compatible with Marui.

But as a manufacturer of gas replicas (copied), a disaster. They were not pistols, but compact submachine guns. But the montage was a disaster. It should be highlighted here. Let’s hope they do not start making guns and stick with the snipers, which is what gives them right.

You can write a lot more of them all. But as a general guide, that’s fine.

There are other manufacturers of the best airsoft Pistol. Surely I will have several in the inkwell, but if someone wants to add some to this list, please leave a comment here below.

General Tips for Choosing the Best Airsoft Pistol.

  1.  Models of real firearms. This choice already depends heavily on the aesthetic issue and does not influence as much as the manufacturer of airsoft itself.

But to ensure the highest possible compatibility and availability of spare parts always choose one of the most common models or their variants, which come to be:

  • -Colt M1911 and its variants: MEU, Kimber Warrior, Gold Cup, Government Mark IV, Detonics 45, etc.
  •  Beretta 92, 92F, 92FS and 90TWO.
  • -Glock 17 and 18C, and other variants of different sizes, compact and subcompact up to 26C, USP 45, USP Compact, P8, MK23.
  • Sig Sauer P226, P229, SP2022.
  • Hi-layer (all variants). Note: Hi-layer real fire extinguishers exist, but they are heavy sports guns used exclusively at IPSC.

They are usually based on the design of the Colt 1911 but with proper width and double stack loader to accumulate more shots and weigh more, which makes them more stable.

2. In modern pistols, standard-size magazine loaders often operate in the sub-compact versions of the short grip (pistolet), leaving the rest of their length protruding.

  • This makes sub compact versions have a large number of chargers available. For example, a Glock 26 or a Detonics 45 will accept all chargers of any length of its brand and other compatible brands.

3. Full Metal Obsession. As I said in other articles, quality is worth more than the amount of metal.

Sometimes it is infinitely better to have a fully plastic gun of a good brand than another full metal gun of a familiar brand.

From here will be added soon the best suggestions of advice that we will investigate later.

I hope you find it useful.


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