Best Paintball Hopper 2017- Buyer’s Guide

Best Paintball Hopper

Nowadays choosing the best paintball hopper can be a bit difficult, since you need to take your time in the search to select the ideal hopper to meet your needs. Today we are going to take a look at the different types of the hopper and how they can help you to benefit.

Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loaders / HoppersVirtue Paintball4.9
Dye Precision Rotor Paintball LoaderDye 4.8
HK Army TFX Paintball LoaderHK Army 5
Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Empire Paintball 4.5
Virtue Spire Electric ChargerVirtue Paintball5

Best Paintball Hopper Reviews

Virtue Spire 200 Electronic Paintball Hopper

Virtue Spire 200 Electronic Paintball Hopper

Whether you are a mid-level player or even a top-level player, the Spire 200 is the perfect one for you. This hopper is one of the faces on the list, but I can assure you it’s worth the price.

One of the best features of the Spire 200 is that it comes with a wide range of colors, so you will be able to match it with any pistol.

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The Dye Paintball Precision Rotor

The Dye Rotor is undoubtedly one of the best paintball hoppers in the market. This beats the remains of the hoppers. High-level players prefer it because of its robust design and super fast feeding.

Also, it has an Anti-lock lever that makes it incredibly easy to mount and ensures that you do not experience any problems with locking at the time of combat. It is advisable to use it with a Dye Paintball Rotor R2 Quick Feed, for greater performance.

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HK TFX paintball hopper

HK TFX paintball hopper

This hopper has made many users happy. He can quickly push paintballs down on his weapon at a speed of illumination. Great for all types of paintball gun.

The HK TFX has a loading rate of 22 balls per minute, which is perfect for those players who like to be serious in the field.

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The Empire Paintball Halo – Paintball Loader

Empire Paintball Halo is the paintball loader that will give you the value of your money. This is one of the best paintball hoppers, which fits perfectly for a novice or beginner Speedball.

Beginners do not hesitate to think twice before putting it on. This is for sure since its performance is out of this world, this great charger is enough to make it the best in its league. Sometimes it is advisable to use a compressed air tank of HPA tank the same brand, for reasons of efficiency and compatibility.

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Empire Paintball Prophecy Z

Empire Paintball Prophecy Z-min

Prophecy z, better known for being cheap and affordable. One of its great attributes is that it does not get stuck frequently and that this made of extremely durable plastic.

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Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Hopper

Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2-min
The Empire Z2 is one of the most durable hoppers since it is made of the highest quality materials. This hopper has a large mu holding capacity, and you will be able to maintain 200 BBs of paint on it at all times.

This hopper will allow you to make high-speed shots as it is activated by sound, which means that every time you make a shot a new ball will be forced to your weapon. Recommended using with a CO2 tank.

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Proto Paintball Primo

Proto Primo is one of the most affordable hoppers on the list. This hopper is the perfect charger for those looking to save a little money.

This charger is designed to relieve pressure on the paint, reducing blockages or jams. Frequently played games enjoy higher feed rates.

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Basic 200 round hopper

Basics 200 is the ideal charger for beginners; this hopper is ideal for shots at close range. It also favors the novice because it is slow in a quantity of paintballs at a time.

This one after firing some balls has to proceed to shake so that the balls can fall in the pistol.

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Virtue Spire Electric Charger

The first thing we see in this magazine is that its design is great. This charger is stylish and comes with a high variety of colors; this hopper will surely blow your mind.

If you as a player are looking to get more of the characteristics of your charger, do not hesitate, this is the hopper for you. This can contain approximately 200 paintballs, what makes it efficient for a tactical paintball.

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Pinokio Hopper

Pinokio is the only electric round hopper in the world. This revolutionized the paintball battlefield. It comes with maximizer lane kick and has a feed rate of 30 balls per second.

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Three main hopper levels

There are three primary hopper levels you can choose from. First of all, this is the beginner level which is where most players start. Over time most players move to the intermediate level after understanding all the concepts. Then some players want to excel with the hopper and upgrade to the high end. These players often participate in competitions and spend extra money for their hoppers. Now let’s look at each of these levels in more detail.

Hoppers Beginner Level

They are the first hoppers that came in the market when the paintball started. Now many new players choose them because of its simple operation and its low cost. There are 2 different types of beginner level hoppers:

1. Gravity feed starter crushers: These are relatively common, and you’ll see them everywhere. This type of loader depends on gravity to feed the paintballs into the gun. This is a simple process that does not require help from any other accessory for its operation. A gravity feed charger usually has a feed rate of about eight balls/minute. This is quite slow compared to other hoppers which are the leading cause of why most improve after they have become accustomed to the game.

2. Crushers for Beginners: These hoppers are equipped with an electronic stirrer that forces the balls down into the paintball guns. These chargers are usually twice as fast as those powered by gravity. They have a feed rate of 16 balls/minute. One of the major drawbacks of this type of hopper is that they can drain the battery from the paintball marker very quickly.

Hopper intermediate level.

These hoppers are more advanced and more expensive. But for those who want to take the sport of paintball seriously, these are a perfect choice. There are three types of hoppers for the intermediate level to choose from and see.

1. Sound activated hoppers: These hoppers are easy to use and operate uniquely. Each time you shoot, a microphone inside the hopper picks up the noise and releases a new ball. This technology gives you a much faster speed. Many of these hoppers have a feed rate of 20 balls/minute.

2. Hoppers activated by the eyes: This is another type of hopper. They are made to see how many balls are inside the tube. When the container is full, the engine shuts off. When the sensor notices that there are no balls in the tube, it quickly activates the motor to send more towards the pipe. These hoppers have a feed rate of up to 20 balls/minute, depending on the model.

3. Cyclone Activated Hoppers: These types of hoppers use the paintball markers gas to stir the paintballs they send to the gun. This means you will never have to rely on a battery for power. These hoppers can have a feed rate of up to 15 balls/minute.

Top Hoppers

These are only for serious players about the sport of paintball and can cost you an eye of the face as well. But if you are in competition game, these are a must! There is only one type of high-end hopper, and it uses the mechanics of the power feed to push the paintball into the gun. With the utilization of an impeller, the paintballs are gripped and pushed into the gun at high speed. Depending on the model of the hopper, it can have a feed rate that exceeds 50 balls/minute.


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