Best Paintball Marker 2017

best paitnball marker

 Choosing The Best Paintball Marker

When it comes to buying the best paintball marker, the player must keep in mind the type of marker he wants or needs for his particular game.

All the markers serve to play both Recball and Speedball, but well … we will separate in electronic marker and mechanical marker.

Dye Paintball DM15

The dye DM15 marker is the result of more than ten years of evolution of the matrix design.

Dye design engineers are never satisfied with their accomplishments, and continually develop more and more the performance of their branders.

The dye DM15 is now lighter, weighs almost a kilo less, with an elegant design and feed that does not protrude from the body to reduce the height nearly half an inch.

The Billy Wing Kit, one of the most popular accessories for previous models, is now standard. Access has also been improved, so the DM15 is the fastest and easiest to maintain DM-series marker.

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Proto Paintball Markers

If you like paintball dye guns, but you don’t find an attractive price, Proto is the best brand that follows. The proto-series paintball guns are built with the quality and accuracy of the high-end, but they are very affordable.

Reflex series is one of the best offers of high performance in the market. The rail series puts a serious firepower on your hands at a beginner-level price.

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JT Paintball Markers

JT Paintball markers have been around for years making big cannons that are easy to maintain. The JT Impulse Paintball gun is your flagship, a marker used by professional paintball teams all over the world.

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Electronic marker Machines:

Less rustic, more delicate, etc. .. The big difference that is seen at first sight is the cadence that gives us an electronic marker and the different shooting modes (different ramping, burst, semi, full, etc. ).

They tend to be more expensive, but lately, things are coming at excellent prices to the Argentinian market. They usually have factory controllers, both high and low, depending on the marker model and its operation.

The use of HPA (air) and non-CO2 (carbon dioxide) is recommended when the marker is more delicate. Although it does not remove that some can be used with CO2 (some, not all), it is simply not advisable because of the impurities and dirt that when entering the marker can damage it.

Mechanical Marking Machines:

These markers are characterized as “Fierros” themselves; They withstand being wet, blows, intensive use in the forest, etc. Almost all of them are simple to maintain, disarm and do not need much attention. Some models have the E-grip or Eframe (Grip electronic) upgrade.

In the case of Tippmann, it is either that or the system of RT or response trigger (still mechanical). These ups give us more fire rate, as trigger pull characterizes the mechanical marker. They usually come from the factory without regulator or accessories that provide us with an excellent performance.

For example the lack of regulator, the lack of a barrel or pipe acceptable, the lack of kits of low press S, among others. Moreover, in the case of some, especially the Tippmann, are given much importance to what is called “customization” of the marker, that is to make the appearance of the marker is similar to a particular weapon, which is called SIM-mil.

That does not change the efficiency or performance, but the aesthetics, the look. Which is usually appreciated by many Rec players who like the resemblance with an M16, AK or MP5, for example.

On the other hand, these markers are used to CO2, although there is no problem if you want to use it with HPA. The advantage of CO2 is that in most fields CO2 is used and not HPA.



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