Best Paintball Mask 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best paintball mask on the market.

Best paintball mask

Best paintball masks – If you’re just a beginner in this paintball, being in the field can be a bit intimidating. A lot of questions pop up in your mind, having the right paintball masks for any scenario to maximize your chances of victory as long as you meet all the safety requirements at the time of battle and pay close attention to What happens around them.

Masks are common accessories that are used for a wide variety of different outdoor activities. There are several types of masks ranging from paintball masks to tactical Airsoft masks, among others. Finding a suitable mask for you should never be a difficult task, as there are many dealers in the market.

But not all the offers you find represent the features you want in a mask. So it is good to consider all the features before spending your money. To find a mask that suits the type of task to perform, you must know the different features and types available and how to find the best paintball mask on the market.

Tactical Mask.

Tactical facial masks are the most popular that you will find since they are designed for vigorous activities. This type of masks is made especially for people who are exposed to also frequently enough.

Special forces, police officers, SWATs rely on face masks to protect them under the most unfavorable conditions. These masks are more complete, on the structural than other types of masks, as it aims to protect the user from various elements including fog, dust, smoke and tear gas, among others. It has specialized eye protection and spaces for the nose and mouth.

Paintball Mask

Paintball masks are also widely used by the general public for various activities, and for obvious reasons, to play paintball. The best paintball masks present several features regarding comfort and protection is required, this without affecting the part of the aesthetic.

If you want to choose the best paintball mask, have some aspects present like Seamlessness, breathability, sturdy and lightweight. You should pay attention to the fabric used at the time of your choice since some tend to absorb a lot of moisture making them undesirable for any weather. It is recommended to select it from 100% polyester.

Some masks allow the use of glasses, while others are manufactured optimally to counteract the effects of smoke and fog. The best paintball mask should stay warm during the winter and reduce moisture to a minimum during the summer. It is also very rewarding to find the best paintball mask that is the right size for most adults and children.

Paintball Helmets

While the best paintball mask demonstrates in many ways its versatile features, paintball helmets are offered for tactical sports activities. They are designed to keep you safe from bumps and bruises when a moving paintball comes into contact with your face.

This type of mask includes a wide range of features for comfort and safety including lightweight, anti fog paintball mask, and wind resistant. Most people choose to buy a mask of this type along with the best cheap paintball mask to be able to use them one for the game and the other for any outdoor activity.

Cool paintball masks

Cool paintball masks are manufactured to provide safety and protection for special equipment working in hostile environments.
It is characterized by its light weight, optimum temperature balance, resistance to fog and the wind. This mask has a thin but comfortable interior filling that keeps the user at room temperature during any season.

What is the highest best Paintball Mask? This list of the 12 best paintball masks has been classified to check their protection ability, durability, safety standards, comfort, among other features.

 Best Paintball Mask on the Market

A reading of our next list of the best paintball masks will give you some idea about what to see for a while buying a mask and will help you be more objective when it comes to your selection.

V-Force Grill Paintball Masks

The V-Force mask has to be one of the best aggressive designs best crafted. With clear, clean lines that accent the design, its light weight is ideal for speedball players.

This is a reasonably comfortable mask; the foam does a great job on it. It is easy to be heard while you talk and breathe comfortably while offering great protection.

Perfect for Beginner-Intermediate players who want a lightweight option and comfort at play time.

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Proto Switch EL Goggle

Proto Switch EL Goggle

It is a solid mask that completely covers the face and ears, is what makes Proto Switch great. It has a unique lens panel that is very resistant to fog and therefore provides a better view during the game.

The lens, for its part, has been manufactured to the appropriate standards to resist abrasion, without affecting the attractiveness of the mask. The foam of the mask is replaceable, a feature that only offers high-end masks.

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DYE I4 Mask Thermal Precision

The DYE I4 Mask has a lens removal system that allows you to quickly and efficiently replace the glass. What differentiates this paintball mascara from the others is the massive visor, which provides a huge field of vision, with a coating that works wonderfully during the fog.

There are a variety of colors and styles available in the market. This is a great mask in regards to ventilation, and in turn, allows your voice to pass through the field. The quality and comfort of this mask make it one of the best paintball masks on the market.

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Proto Switch FS

This is another mascara of Proto products; it is an older version of the EL Goggle. The great popularity of the mask revolves around being one of the most reputed masks of its kind.

It is described as a tough mascara that has an anti fog paintball mask lens and a comfortable fit. Its visor allows an easy change of lens and self-ventilation.


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Virtue VIO Extend

Virtue VIO Extend

Virtue is a great mask; it has an impressive lens that offers a great field of vision and is one of the most comfortable masks and masters we tried while searching for the best paintball mask offered by the market. The only drawback is the high price, but it is understandable thanks to its high-end materials and designs.

The Virtue is available in a wide variety of colors, and the internal foam is very comfortable and high quality.

This mask is perfect for experts in the area. High-end, but very durable and well-made. It is a long-term investment.

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JT Flex-8 Full Head Guard

The JT Flex has an exoskeleton shape that makes it flexible and smooth, but very efficient. This mask is incredible, probably the one that offers greater protection to the head concerning the others. It has a lens for anti fog paintball mask, as well as a well-developed inner foam because it has a comfortable ear protection. It is highly recommended for very unfavorable weather conditions or regions of dense fog.


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Empire E-Flex Mask / Goggle

E-Flex is one of the best paintball masks on the market; it’s a light, low-profile mask, which makes it great to aim under the optics. It offers the same lens exchange system and with it comes a great variety of dual paintball mask anti fog, like all paintball masks mentioned in this list.

Foam supports are comfortable and thick; ear protection feels very nice. It is perfect for advanced players, who owns a high-end design no matter the price.

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 Empire E-Vent Mask

The Empire brand is famous for the manufacture of high-end equipment, but this mascara is moderately priced and a great piece as far as paintball masks are concerned. Comfortable and durable, this paintball mask possesses a quick-release lens and easy cleaning. The lens is a double thermal panel, which makes it an excellent anti fog paintball mask.

This has silicone ear protection that is easily removable if desired. The low profile design is very nice and is the favorite of many fans when it comes to being in the field.

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JT Spectra Flex

This mask offers total protection of the head and with it comes a large set of anti fog paintball mask. It offers a field of view of 260 ° that is far superior to most masks.

The ventilation system helps you stay fresh. The JT Paintball mask is perfect for Woodsball players; the visor is removable and comfortable looking.
It is perfect for players looking for a mask that provides complete head protection.

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Tips for first-time buyers.

The vast majority of paintball players who are looking for their first screen mask are exposed to be confused with the broad range of options offered by the market. As mentioned earlier paintball masks come in all shapes and sizes.

Some tips to keep in mind before buying your first mask, these tips will try to help you get the best screen mask even though you are a total beginner.

Mask appearance: Example, style mascara, exoskeleton, full head cover, etc.
See if it is suitable for the face shape: It is true that most masks are of a single size. However, some masks may be unsuitable for certain forms of the face.
If you are customizable: The full range of paintball masks on the market are not customizable, but if you’re fussy about that part, you can choose to select masks with additional straps and co-molded brocades.
Easy to change lenses: usually good quality paintball masks have adjustable lenses that can be removed easily when you want to change them.


Whether you are searching for the best paintball mask for glasses or the best anti fog paintball mask, finding quality alternatives is as simple as finding friends on Facebook.

Some of the best paintball masks mentioned above can reduce options considerably in decision making.

The only point to always keep in mind is to go for the best paintball mascara, even if it means spending more than you had in mind, as you will surely pay once you are on the playing field.