Best Paintball Pistol 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Paintball Pistol Review

The vast majority of paintball players commit on the mistake of having a single pistol. It is true that you usually need a large paintball Pistol in your arsenal, but it is advisable during the game to always carry one or more guns, in case your primary weapon gets stuck, or you run out of ammunition, have a paintball pistol loaded it Ensures a greater percentage of victory than staying in the unarmed field or trying to fill his hopper in the middle of the fight.

Advantages of a Paintball Pistol


Can you imagine in the midst of a fight for your life and that your weapon does not work correctly? Terrifying, well, although in paintball bets do not reach those extremes, there is nothing more frustrating than your marker gets stuck in the middle of a game, having a backup gun will give you greater confidence.

Easy to use

Many factors can not be noticed with the naked eye without the need to go into combat. For example, containers are bulky or awkward to use, or fools interfere with sites.
Now that we have already told you the importance of owning one of the best paintball guns on the market and its benefits, we can show you one of the most popular guns available today.

Best Paintball Pistol on the Market.

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

For those with a high budget, the Tippmann TiPX gun is an incredible addition to your arsenal. A high-end gear piece comes with three magazines that include seven rounds of ammunition, making it quick and easy to load. It is considered as the best paintball gun on the market.

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Kingman Training Eraser

Kingman tried to make a particular pistol. The Kingman Training uses 0.68 caliber balls. This gun is specially designed to have the weight and dimensions of a real gun, giving it a pleasant experience.

The magazine can contain up to 9 bullets each. Also, the pistol is capable of firing at a range of 250 feet per second, making it ideal if you are playing in wide open spaces.

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JT ER2 Pump Pistol

For casual gamers looking for a lethal weapon, the JT ER2 is a relatively small marker that fits its price. Includes three loaded tubes, each of 10 balls caliber 0.50. Due to the feed system, this marker is not as compact as the paintball mentioned above guns.

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Tiberius Arms T8.1

Tiberius Arms is an excellent choice for anyone who plays in tight spaces or who prefer the most direct action. The pressure offered by this weapon in shots of short distance is superior to those produced by other manufacturers. The Tiberius can withstand a great variety of blows, rolls, and dives.

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Walther P99 .43 Blowback

This weapon is excellent for professional paintball players. Comes, with an additional charger with 250 paintballs. The P99 has the ability of 9 shots. All tires a speed of 290 fps, which makes it perfect for large environments.

It is usually intended for police officers or army training. This is the best paintball gun if you want to intensify your game and is one of the best rated by users.

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How to Buy the Best Paintball Pistol

The markers, which are used in paintball, shoot these small colored balls through compressed air, CO2 or compressed air and can be of different kinds between electronic and mechanical.

Mechanical Markers. Ideal for commercial paintball fields.

The mechanical markers are usually heavier than the electronic ones, but they endure a multitude of blows and immersions in water. They can be semi-automatic, which means that they are recharged by themselves, firing through the trigger, and sliders in which it is required to reload ball after ball.

In semi-automatic dismantling is quick and easy, allowing a comfortable and easy cleaning. They usually work interchangeably with CO2 or with Air without having to change absolutely nothing in the gun.

The most used markers in commercial paintball fields are semi-automatic mechanics, with compressed air. They carry a magazine with capacity for 200 balls. We find them at a very affordable cost, so it is not a big problem if it produces a break during the game, like that, on the other hand, is not very common.

Electric markers. Ideal for competition

The electronic markers are more novel and light, but since it requires batteries, it is quite important not to wet them with water or mud.

It has a mechanism that allows shooting a ball, three at the same time or shoots continuously. They are much more delicate, so we have to be more careful when using them. These are the markers used by paintball professionals in competitions.

There are several brands of markers, all of them of excellent quality and with numerous benefits. The paintball industry has developed a lot over the last few years, thanks to the boom of this sport around the world; there are current models of all kinds and prices. Fans of this game of multi-adventure can spend small fortunes on customizing markers.


Any weapon we list here will be of great help to your paintball arsenal. However, it will always depend on you in which weapon you want to delve into and maybe buy; we just hope to send it in the right direction.


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